Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh the Humanity

So today at work this woman comes in for pain meds for her daughter (or was it granddaughter?). Apparently, as this family line progresses its half-midgit qualities become more pronounced. You read that right: half-midgit. Seems a short man married a tall woman and the result is this odd progeny. I found the situation more pitiful than amusing as the woman recounted the maldies being suffered by the current generation: long/short body halves, oddly growing teeth, etc. Pretty strange but I couldn't help but think what an interesting D&D race it might make. I need help.

Tonight I'm scribbling BtS: Levitate. "But didn't you just write reverse gravity," you're saying? Those spells are too similar for consecutive release. Eh, bite me. Here's an Invasion: Freeport update as well. It's been put on hold until GR's new Freeport city supplement is closer release. I'd like to have more updated material and hopefully get it early enough to coincide the adventure's release with GR's own.

Back to BtS, I asked Phil this morning about the possibility of adding Castles & Crusades mechanics to the new rules mix. Sure, C&C isn't mechanics-heavy but it could be an interesting experiment. I'd like to tap into C&C's apparently solid fan base and increase the marketability of the series. We'll see what happens.


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