Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Car!

After some thought, I decided that I needed to get rid of my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's not that I don't love my Jeep (because I do) but the thing is quite the gas guzzler. When I purchased it, the gas prices were not at the ungodly levels they're at now. Since it seems there's no going back to those idyllic days of yore when gas was under $2.00/gal. I've gone and traded the Jeep in for a sleek, more fuel-efficient, new Fusion SE. Payments are a bit lower than the Jeep's but I figure the savings in mileage should make up for the inconvenience of essentially resetting my 6 years worth of financing. The color is titanium green (first vehicle that's not silver for me), she's got a paltry 50 miles on her, handles like a dream, and her 200+ horsepower really has get up and go! Pickup time is 3pm.

The only thing making my day bad is a morning trip to the eye doctor which I'm certain will result in new glasses. My 3-year-old prescription just isn't doing it anymore. I can tell my eyes are weaker; driving is straining on them especially at night and by the end of the day I'm unnaturally tired. Guess since I'm spending $2,400 later today I might as well not complain about giving some dollars for healthy eyes.


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