Sunday, February 05, 2006


After 16 years, my mom's store--The Happy Sewing Room--is moving out of the home and into an actual storefront downtown. The bulk of her inventory was moved yesterday. After work, I changed and went to help however I could. Most of the time was spent scraping the previous store's logo off of a window. Still not done, but she's closed for the coming week to set everything up. The interior is pretty big, with a kitchen area and a separate "reading room." I hope she does well since the rent is not what I would call a bargain. Ever since the Western Auto moved out of the building some years ago, no other business has survived for long in it. Here's hoping my mom breaks that curse.

This is my first Sunday of no church! I'm celebrating by taking a long overdue trip down to Bryn Mawr's Showcase Comics (near Philadelphia). The drive there is via highways but the route back is on backroads which I enjoy greatly, especially on lazy Sunday early afternoons. I haven't seriously looked at buying game books since before Christmas so it's about time I treat myself to something. Hmm, I also have a couple coupons and a $5 gift card for Borders I may have to use. Writing can wait until tonight.


Anonymous DQG_Neal said...

Sewing? Hmm, I'm sure my wife will want to know if there is any cross-stitching supplies there. Travels far enough in this state to reach things..

11:50 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

Now that the store area is larger, she may well have some. I'll let you know.

5:00 PM  

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