Sunday, March 19, 2006

Module Wrap Up

The PCs work for an organization called the Protectorate. This group began in the Realms and is now branching out all over the multiverse. The characters all work for the Embassy in Sigil (Planescape). The last installment of the adventure had them attempting to track down an archaeological team from the Protectorate working on a world the PCs went to called Theygrim. This is where my jaguar-folk are from (think cat folk but more fierce). To sum up the jags, they were recently (as of 50 years ago) in possession of a cruel empire before being defeated by a coalition of servitor races. Now, the jag-folk factions remaining are grabbing power where they can. They captured the archaeological team and tortured them for information about the Protectorate--who wouldn't want to get their claws on the treasure garnered from an organization comprised of mostly adventurers!?

Well, the PCs were defeated in their previous attempt to locate the team but this time they went back armed with two dozen Prot. soldiers and one kender (my new NPC). The jags knew they would return and set a trap which caused black powder in bulk to destroy their urban center of justice (the jags had controlled a town on the fringe of the new government). With the soldiers dead it was back to the PCs to pick up the pieces. A former rebellion member told the group about a mine where jags were recently sited. To make a long story short, the PCs found the jags but were nearly slain in the rescuing process. Only after one of the group of six characters were left standing was the archaeological team discovered. Three PCs made it back with the team but two perished as did my lovable kender *sniff*. We had a grand finale within a three-tier strip mine against the jags, their ogren muscle (ogren are hobgoblin-ogres from Tome of Horrors II), and cat-headed obsidian quasi-elemental (same source). There was also a CR 3 danger (the PCs were mostly level 1) in the form of a guardian jaguar. The whole thing played out quite nicely. Now it's back to work for the new week.


Blogger Brad said...

Good stuff! I love a good TPK (or near, TPK). Perhaps I'll stat up my former Bladesinger, now jaguar food, as a 10th level character on my blog.

My blog's been feeling neglected.

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