Friday, March 31, 2006

Nothing's In My Wallet!

Linda, Kristi (her daughter), and I had a great time on Tuesday but only Kristi came home with any money to speak of (less than she went with so don't get excited). I made sure to have enough money left to cover tolls. Still, it's always fun just to go. My biggest mistake was sitting down at an out of the way $1 slot machine when the girls went to the bathroom. In the space of a pee break, I lost $40!! So much for willpower. The table games at Caesars (where we always park) were surprisingly busy but it may have had something to do with the fact that half of the casino floor on that side was walled off as they added a chinese noodle bar. Who the heck needs that?

In RPG news, I'm slooooowly piecing together Disintegrate. There's no module this weekend so I've got extra time. All in all I'd rather be out and enjoying the 70+ degree weather scheduled for today but real work calls.

Edit: I just saw that Brad (see Chilled Monkey Brains in the linked blogs to the right) posted his thoughts on the module with the bloody battle against the jaguar-folk. Check it out!


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