Thursday, April 06, 2006

Back to Normal

First I'd just like to say "thanks!" to the well-wishers here and at ENWorld for supporting my semi-retirement from game writing. Now that it's been a couple of days, I feel like I did before it all started. That seems kind of obvious, I suppose, but it's almost new to me. I've made some notes for BtS: Fire Shield but mostly been reading Specter of the Past, the first of the two-book Hand of Thrawn series. I wasn't aware of this until just now, but these two books wrapped up the printing of the Star Wars novels under Bantam Books. Tomorrow, I'll move on to the second book Vision of the Future. With a bit of luck, I may finish most of the next BtS issue tonight. Looks like we'll be gaming this weekend so I need to come up with the next installment of out Stargate-esque planar campaign.

I'd also like to say that with a bit less on my plate now (at least mentally), I've managed to hike about 15 miles this week since Sunday. Not too shabby. I'd like to lose a few pounds so this is a good start.


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