Friday, April 21, 2006

Whatever Weekend

Well, it looks like we might not be finishing up Brad's Vault of Thazar Rho (sp?) adventure (a Goodman Games production) this weekend. The idea was agreed upon last week but no other mention has been made. It's always nice to play but we've been playing for like, I don't know how many weeks straight. Nice to have a break (yes, even from gaming). I need a little time to catch up on my next Behind the Spells: Shocking Grasp and to slap together my proposed changes for Inner Circle's adventure Where Madness Dwells II. I thought I was stepping back from work? ;)

Since my last blog, I've been able to get the mower to a contractor friend for servicing (don't know when it'll be back and my grass is huge!) and dive a hundred pages into Zahn's Vision of the Future. Much like the first part of the two-book Bantam climax, it's a fun read. There are a lot of parties doing their own thing in these books but not overly so so that the reader becomes lost. Zahn is a type of writer I'd like to be. Oh, and on that note, I purchased the 2006 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market book. It's about time I started up the 'ol fiction drive and see if/how my writing has evolved since my unsuccussful dalliance in the market some 7 years ago.

Whatever you do this weekend, cheers!


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