Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Body of Work and Some Memoirs (part I)

I've been wanting to go through my files and see what exactly I've been up to over the last 5 years of hobby-lancing. Now seemed a good a time as any to do so. I thought I'd plop the list here in my blog so it will at least be saved someplace for future reference. I'm also throwing in my two cents about the publishers (you've been warned). This list includes companies that I may not even have credits with but either am working with behind the scenes or have done work for that hasn't been released yet). So here we go in no particular order...

Mystic Eye Games [Despite what I may have said in online forums since the company's self-destruction, I really did enjoy my time with MEG. Sure, I didn't get all the $$ they owed me but that's the nature of the industry sometimes. My involvement with MEG was one of the main reasons I drove to GenCon '04; working at their booth and even signing a few books for customers. My proudest work with them is in the latter two Foul Locales releases and to be the very first Dragonstar adventure alot of people had access to in Raw Recruits.
Foul Locales: Urban Blight, Beyond the Walls, Behind the Gates (3 separate titles)
Guilds & Adventurers
Dragonstar: Raw Recruits
Dragonstar: Veterans (unpublished)
Tournaments, Fairs, and Taverns

Bastion Press [This company appears to be going the same way as MEG. With profit likely a thing of the past, Bastion now seems to focusing its efforts on pdf releases of their new and old books. The good bits are a few more publishing credits, the chance to have a credit or two with ex-TSR staffer Jim Butler, and meeting up with freelancer Steve Creech. Since I was but a lowly contributor to the below books, none of them really hold a special place in my hobby-lancer heart (besides being good, useful products of course). On a side note, my time travel book, Temporality, was almost published through these guys. The tale is a long one, but it had to do with my other obligations at the time. And by the time I got back to the book and presented it to Bastion, their offer dropped by a zero. Not good. I was also asked by Steve to join their development team but, as I could see even back then, the company wasn't exactly pushing product out the door. I declined in favor of greener pastures.]
Arms & Armor (v3.5)
Into the Green
Torn Asunder: Critical Hits
Spells & Magic

Adamant Entertainment [The infamous Gareth-Michael Skarka's pdf company. If I could think up something worthwhile to do for Gareth I would likely write it without hesitation. Despite his online, often attention-getting persona, Gareth and I have had a great relationship. He sends my royalty statements and payments on a tight schedule. Would definitely recommend doing business with Adamant. He even agreed without much pressure to make my Dread Codex available as a print-on-demand book. Let me tell you, if you've ever had doubts about the quality of such books, put them to rest. The end result is fantastic. I enjoyed writing this book even if it did take 3 months. It's a great undead resource I wish more folks knew about.]
Works: (both pdf)
N.P.C.--Non-Player Compendium, Volume I
The Dread Codex

Green Ronin [Never did I ever believe I'd freelance for GR. But then the open call came for Denizens. Wow, I thought, to not only work for GR but to be a part of the Freeport legacy--too cool! Fortunately, both Brad and I made it into the NPC book. And then the opportunity came along to do Vengeance. After writing the adventure, Chris Pramas himself said he was using it in his own campaign!! I was on Cloud 9 for a couple days, let me tell you. Regrettably, with the recent Freeport line shakeup, it seems doubtful that I'll pen my second pdf, Invasion: Freeport. Time will tell.]
Denizens of Freeport
Vengeance in Freeport (pdf)

d20Zine! [I came to be involved with this e-zine primarily because of my relationship with d20Zine bigwig Steve Creech. I recall we had spoken on many occasions due to my loose association with Bastion Press and through general forums and the Mortality radio show. The periodical needed articles and I had this idea for elf-dwarf crossbreeds from my 2e Forgotten Realms campaign. The "dwelves" had come about when a dwarven and elven contingent became trapped beneath a mountain after an orc horde swept through the region. The two groups believed they were the last of their kind and so intermingled. The article didn't get much notice as I recall. But I've included a link if you'd like to read it for yourselves.]
Published in the June/July 2003 issue with "Valley of the Dwelves." The follow-up article, "New Beginnings" was in the December 2003 issue. Both can be picked up for free. See this link for the first: http://edge.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=1859

Mongoose Publishing [Mongoose was another possible publisher for my time travel book but Matt Sprange eventually went with the drivel they put out called Chronomancy. But, not one to be deterred, I kept an eye out for freelancing wants since they were (and are) quite the active company. Eventually, in 2003?, they had a call for pdf content writers. I wound up writing two sections for a pdf called Mist Elves; specifically, a prestige class and a lairs section. It was nice just to have a Mongoose credit and they paid in an efficient manner.]
Works: Mist Elves (pdf)

Hmm, I think I'll publish this in bits so I don't lose everything to a glitch. More to come!


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