Friday, December 22, 2006

Blade Barrier review

From prolific reviewer Chris Gath comes the next in his saga to review the BtS series: Blade Barrier. Check it out here:

So, what else is going on? Not much. I'm more or less taking a break for the holidays. Catching up on more reading (now on to Hand of Fire, the final leg in the Spellfire trilogy journey by Ed Greenwood) and need to make one last trip to the malls tonight. A Celtic store in Bethlehem called Donegal Square sends out a flyer in early December. After getting the coupon portion of it stamped, you can then cash it in for $20 during the week between Christmas and New Year's (with a purchase of $40 or more, naturally). I usually take that opportunity to pick up a neat celtic pin for cheap to add to my collection. Gotta do that and get my brother a card to stick his present into (you already knew your gift, Scot!).


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