Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, yeah, it was yesterday and maybe you don't celebrate it. Too bad! Christmas was good to me this year. I snagged the following in no particular order: iPod Nano (wee!), 1 lb. vanilla butter creams, an "Ion" pen by Cross, new sweater, $25 Wawa gift card, my work bonus, new winter bed blanket, Marvin the Martian on a peanut butter cup-filled tree, and the 80s version of Trivial Pursuit (which my brother beat me at by a very slim margin last night).

A good haul, methinks. Some of my work bonus will be travelling with me, Linda, and her daughter Kristi to Atlantic City on Wednesday. If I'm really lucky, maybe I'll be receiving more bucks for the holiday! So did the rest of you pick up anything spiffy for the holiday? Maybe you gave something you're particularly proud of? Either way, I hope everyone's special time of year was indeed very special.

Ah, and before I forget (again). Here's the mock-up cover of the Hoards book I worked for so long to get published.

And it's appropriate for the season too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you! The fat man in the red suit was good to the citizens of St. Cuthbert's Keep. Lady Cuthbert also got one of those Marving the Martian key chain things. Great minds think alike.

I like the cover of your upcoming book. And, I saw Temporality is now on Amazon.com! Congrats!

I took some time over the weekend to absorb the first several chapters of Temporality. I must say, you did extraordinarily well with this project. It was fairly easy to follow. That is saying something as other source books can confuse a reader from page 1. Great job and I hope we get to experience some Temporal Travel in a future gaming session.

Good luck in Atlantic City. IF you get a chance, stp by the Irish Pub and Restaurant. It's off the boardwalk about 1/2 a block. You can see it from the boardwalk. It is in the northern third of the casino areas.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Bret said...

Greetings, Chuck! Glad you're enjoying Temporality and, of course, there will sooner or later be some time traveling goodness. And I know the Irish Pub well and think their shepherd's pie is delicious.

11:25 PM  

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