Saturday, February 03, 2007

Flashback: 1983

I was 8 years old (and not quite playing D&D yet) but I have fond memories of the D&D Cartoon. Today, those memories are refreshed with the purchase of the cartoon's shiny new dvd box set. At Best Buy, the set even comes with a unique mini of a silver dragon, which is what sealed the purchase there as opposed to a cheaper online buy. The set comes loaded with extras including a radio drama-style presentation of the unaired finale entitled "Requiem" written by long-time toon scribe Michael Reaves. Although I've been viewing the series off and on since buying a bootleg set from Ebay, I've long salivated to have a nice official version in my collection. Welcome home.

A small addendum to the post--Chris Gath gives us the next in his ongoing Behind the Spells reviews with Shatter:


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