Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm doing a little research over on ENWorld as to what drew people in to our favorite game. By better understanding the emotions of gamers (especially those deep core emotions of their first D&D experiences), it may be possible to build products that tap into those emotions and, thus, guarantee some sales. It's just a thought. See the thread here:

And if you don't want to post there, leave a comment here! What drew you to D&D and perhaps continues to be a factor in your continued gaming? For me, it's the interactive storytelling; to be able to craft a story and have instant feedback on it. I also love the fantasy genre, so that helps too. ;)


Blogger Axel said...

What drew me to the amazing world of dnd, was the possibility of exploring fantastical worlds. But I was never content with just exploring them as a player, I wanted to create them as well, and started early on by creating maps and writing detailed descriptions of lands, important people and so on. I am only sorry that those papers have been lost now, would have been great to look at.

I guys to summon up what I am looking for in a new product/game etc. is something new... something that goes beyond what we would otherwise expect. I also love depth, emerging myself into long stories, characters and item descriptions and is rarely impressed by short and to-the-point stuff. Products, like your Behind the Spells, give this kind of depth, emerging the reader in the details of a single spell, providing important and previously unexplored insight...

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