Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Review and Planar Fun

Before the last review has even grown cold, here's yet another staff review of Hoards:

I DM'd the season 1 finale of our planar campaign this past Sunday and had a blast. As usual, I didn't completely write out the adventure but it went pretty well and ended as I'd hoped. The PCs were transported into an alernate reality where the events of TSR's adventure Die Vecna Die! had played out in the Maimed Lord's favor. Deities across the multiverse had either been slain by the wave of power following Vecna's ascension in Sigil or, as in Toril's case, but been toppled to the earth in mortal form.

Sigil was a wasteland with all bodies missing their left hand and eye (which the PCs soon discovered were used to make great flesh golems). A gate leading to Waterdeep from the Protectorate Embassy was used to return to Toril to see what was going on. Turns out a Realms-wide inquisition was going on to capture the fallen gods. Vecnan troops were in power in major urban centers and the PCs almost fell victim to them after Scot's hound archon picked a fight with a street patrol. After a Prot. agent contacted them (recognizing Heather's PC Ahre, albeit from this alternate reality), the PCs knew their only way out of this preedicament was to ask one of the gods (who were forming a sort of Divine Cooperative in a dead magic area to the north).

The PCs took a portal or two to help get to the community and met Lathander and Azuth, the latter telling them that a portal existed which can penetrate into alternate prime material worlds. It's guarded by a lesser beholder, naturally. At that moment, the mortal form of Bane arrives with Vecnan troops, having betrayed the Cooperative's location to the Maimed Lord. The dead magic area drops and the ensuing melee challenged the PCs to the fullest. Probably the best part was when Bane held Greg's character and then one of the skeletal reaver's (a monster I adapted from the persistent soldier from my Dread Codex book) beheaded him with a scythe coup de grace! Now that's a way for a PC to go! Woofgar nearly suffered the same fate but, after he died, Scot realized that the hound was immune to hold person! A lucky survival thanks to a rules loophole. :) The adventure ended with the Cooperative victorious and my favorite line being uttered by Scot, "I loot Bane!"


Blogger Vienna-esque said...

No one even bothered to bury my body. The least they could have done was to mount my head so that I could ever look down from the walls of the Protectorate manor...


10:43 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

They were too busy looting Bane! Oh, and the fact that we needed to all get home I guess cut into the ending. We'll see if your new PC cuts the mustard next time.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Woofgar XXXVII said...

I think we didn't bother to bury your body because we're hauling your alcohol-soaked corpse back to the Protectorate with us in the loot wagon. ;-)

P.S. I know you don't wanna be raised, but your body IS covered with loot.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Ahre said...

>> As usual, I didn't completely write out the adventure

Plans are for those that fear the future and PCs that utter things like:
“I knew you could handle him. I didn’t think you’d eat him.”
“Oh no, TPK again. Not another TPK!”
“Thank you. I’ll get the cart back from you when you are DEAD.”
“Bane Bane, he’s no good. Chop him into fire wood!”

10:18 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Burying a body is an admission of defeat. And that's something Kytor refuses to do.

Your character is getting raised, whether he wants to or not. (Not that he has much say in the matter.) Then he can slide into the realms of the NPC.

10:32 AM  

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