Wednesday, February 14, 2007

General Update

Research and preparation continues for Tricky Owlbear Productions. I am hopeful that before too long we will have a functioning framework from which to produce some cool pdf products for your game! I've decided that, appropriately enough, the first product should be a free pdf about owlbears. :)

We had a game this past Sunday with our high level FR PCs that was pretty much a throw-together last-minute adventure, but still fun methinks. This Sunday sees the season finale of my planar campaign where the PCs have ended up in an alternate reality! I should be done with a rough outline today so hopefully I'll be ready for this nail-biting adventure.

Let's see, what else is going on...Phil mentioned that the cover artwork for the BtS collection is underway. I'm still working on the first locale pdf for Highmoon. The Adventurer Essentials: Torch pdf for Skortched 'Urf has a cover and will likely be available soon. Finally, Hoards hasn't been racking up high sales yet but has garnered its second positive review:

And today's day off is a snow day. There's been significant snow and ice accumulation here so it's a good opportunity to catch up on, well, everything.


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