Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Minor Fame

At work yesterday I greeted the wife of one of the local doctors. Her son Rob was a friend of my brother, Scot. She mentioned that Rob was involved with the special effects that went into the new movie Zodiac. Neat, I thought. Apparently, Rob works for a company headed by one of the first guys to be involved in George Lucas' ILM (Industrial Lights and Magic). Knowing I was a writer, she asked if I had any books published lately. For just such an occasion, I keep a copy of Temporality at the store. She was impressed and asked how many books I had solo credit for, to which I replied 3 but there was a 4th on the way--Complete Guide to Dragonkin, Dread Codex (print through RPGNow), Temporality, and Behind the Spells. It floored me when, some time after she left the store, she called back to ask if she could buy one of each and then have me autograph them to Rob. She thought it would be a real treat since we're sort of connected via Scot. Needless to say, I was shocked but of course agreed to let her know when the lot was assembled (whenever BtS makes it to me).

Today I'm hoping to put the location pdf to bed for Highmoon (did I mention we're making this statless and then have rules releases to follow for d20, etc.?). Then I guess it's on to AE: Waterskin for Skortched Urf. Oh, and check out the new blog in my Links section--Tricky Owlbear Den!


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