Friday, February 02, 2007

PDF Marketplace Changes

Besides the upcoming formation of our own company, the pdf world was shaken up a bit today when Ronin Arts and Expeditious Retreat Press pulled their roots from One Book Shelf, Inc. (formerly the and merger). One place I see as blossoming from this is the new site for pdf buying:

My dad is doing fine (thanks again for all the well wishes!) although he's already stretching the limits of doctor's orders by carrying groceries and driving! We Boyd men are a stubborn lot. ;)

Forgot to mention previously that I finished Ed Greenwood's Hand of Fire the other week. Not to spoil anything, but I can tell you that this is the final book of that series, for sure. Greenwood wields his Realms' villains effortlessly but, unfortunately, wields them rather unweided-ly. It was tough to keep the bad guys straight without a score card--Thayans, Zhents, Cult of the Dragon, independant assassins and wizards, Harpers, etc. Still, it was better than City of Splendors. Now I'm halfway through Keith Baker's The Shattered Land for and it really is good. As readers of shared world fiction, we are too lucky to have the opportunity to read stories by the creators of those worlds themselves. Much like his first book, Baker's prose speeds along effortlessly and is a pleasure to read. If you're playing a warforged PC in an Eberron game and need some roleplaying help, grab these books.


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