Tuesday, August 15, 2006

RA Reloaded Redux

Much to my surprise, my Amazon.com order of RAR arrived today! It's #304 and, alas, has no golden ticket entitling me to other cool crap. Still, it's going to be my "work copy" as the corners are a bit dinged. The other shall remain untouched on my shelf. :)

Not getting much writing done today as I took a trip to Doylestown. After feeling under the weather and not getting out over the last few weeks it felt good to shop. Picked up Dragons of Faerun, 3 booster boxes of minis, and some used cds. Besides catching a bit of tv and perhaps watching some more of 24's first season (dvds loaned from brother), I must start thinking about next week's planar campaign module. Mike Ferguson (of DCC fame) is joining the group for this outing and I'd like to have something good to go (as opposed to those adventures which I half finish and then just kinda wing).

And don't forget those books up for sale below. I've already been contacted about the Stormbringer title.


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