Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rappan Athuk: Reloaded

I received my copy of this mega-box set yesterday and all I can say is: Woo-Hoo! The contents include 3 booklets--one for the adventures, second for NPCs/monsters, third for Ed Bourelle-icious maps! On the back of this limited edition box set of 1000 is a stamped number (mine is #38) after the phrase "Official Killer DM" (hehe) and inside is a card signed by Clark and Bill of Necromancer Games indicating the box's limited status. The box clocks in at $74.99 and customers were told to order early since it would likely sell out quickly. I did and so did it. However, this puppy is too cool to have just one copy so I decided to order another cheaper one through Amazon (where it appears to be selling for $30 less). Whether I get a second or not isn't really important but I thought "what the heck?" It's just a neat keepsake. Even if I don't run the adventures, I have no doubt that the stats and/or maps will see use in my campaigns. (Edit: just got an email from Amazon saying it shipped--yippee for a 2nd copy!)

In other news, I've begun work on BtS: Guards and Wards (did I mention that before?) which means there's only one other spell to choose after this. I already decided to end the series with, appropriately enough, Dispel Magic and wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't do an issue on Lightning Bolt. That leaves one more before the series ends at 36 issues. Not a bad run.

To round out this entry, how about a book sale? In an effort to make even more room on the shelves (and some $$ in my pocket), I'm giving up the following (feel free to make me an offer before they make their way to Ebay sometime this week)...
Pocket Magica (Green Ronin)
Corwyl: Village of Wood Elves (GR)
Complete Guide to Liches (Goodman-1st printing, 3.0)
Book of All Spells (Fast Forward's gigantic spell compendium)
Psionics Handbook (WotC, 3.0)
If Thoughts Could Kill (Malhavoc, 3.0)
Psionics Toolkit (Fiery Dragon, 3.0)

And for a few older items how about...
Final Challenge (solitaire module from Mayfair Games--AD&D compatible)
Stormbringer, 4th ed (Chaosium)
WGR2: Treasures of Greyhawk (AD&D)
EX1: Dungeonland (AD&D)


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