Thursday, August 17, 2006


Don't think I mentioned this before so now's a good time as I'm at a loss for other blog material (almost). I had a reflexology session tonight (as I do every 4 weeks). The woman's name is Carol and she is just the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. I always feel refreshed and at peace when I leave. Reflexology, IIRC, is a method by which the body's energy paths are flushed and/or aligned by certain pressure applications to the bottom of the feet. And after the pressure session comes one heck of a great foot massage. Carol performs a whole retinue of similar holistic "procedures" form reikki (sp?) to a simple full body massage. My session costs a mere $50 for 2 hours of bliss.

Here's some store comicness I keep forgetting to post about. Our town had a sidewalk sale (as it does every Aug) and it usually brings into the store the usual bunch of yokels who oggle the fountain (broken for a couple years now) and just generally look around our old time establishment. Sometimes though, much like during King Frost Parade in Oct, we get some real nut-jobs. The strangest encounter for sidewalk sale last weekend came by phone. An old man at the other end asked, "Do you have any shuttlecocks?" Being a badminton pro in college (OK, I only took it as a phys ed), I knew what a shuttlecock was and that we most certainly did not carry them in our pharmacy. The man, undaunted, replied, "Oh, I need it to keep my arm mobilized." (or words to that effect). "Ah, you're talking about an arm splint," I clarified. "Yeah," he said, "they're called shutlecocks."

Whatever you say, buddy. After that, I informed Loralee that it had to be time soon to go home.


Blogger Axel said...

Hehe, I had a strange encounter of my own last night, as I was trying to buy a pizza with a friend, this weird dude comes in, (rather old and with torn clothing) and he just starts to mumble, meaning that none of us knew what the heck he was talking about, until he finally burst out... drinks for everyone! It was hard to contain a good laugh, but the drinks were free :)

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