Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BtS KQ Finale

When Behind the Spells: Unseen Servant makes its appearance (probably this week) at it will be the final iteration for the site. I received an email from Wolfgang saying that traffic was down for the series (which I can't say I'm all that surprised by) and that new things are being launched there in the next couple months. All that and, of course, his editorial time is stretched paper-thin.

Naturally, it's sad to see. Wish I'd known ahead of time so I could have made the last article a bit more climactic (see Dispel Magic when I thought the line was going away forever). But in a way it's good because now I can devote proper time back to Tricky Owlbear pursuits which have been sorely lacking over the last few months. Time to ramp up our preparation for Pathfinder and really start hammering down what "old-school" rules I want to use for some adventures.


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