Friday, May 22, 2009

What If Old Doesn't Mean Used?

There's an expectation in a dungeon adventure that many people have come before but few have survived. A dungeon always has legends and the maimed hero in the nearby tavern to tell them. But here's a thought I just had--what if the dungeon has no history? As if transplanted from a totally different world, a dungeon is uncovered by your party first. The construction, pictographs, traps, monsters...all unfamiliar. Who built the place? When? Why?! The dungeon is obviously old but not "ruined" by past adventurers. Is there a civilization which existed for so brief a time that no one heard of it before its desctruction? Or did this place suffer some kind of magical calamity that brought it from a totally different world/reality?

Would something old but not used make an interesting adventure?

That's for your own group to determine.


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