Sunday, May 24, 2009

Didn't Get that Memo

Apparently, I missed the point (some 4 years ago) when cell phones went verboten in New Jersey. As I was entering I-295 after delivering my bank stuff I passed a cop while checking in with my mom and dad who are visiting Massachusetts for the weekend. When I saw the cop car immediately move after I passed by it flickered a memory that cell phones were maybe not the best things to be seen using in that state. Bingo!

The cop was nice enough but, after explaining (i.e. lying) that I needed to call into my warehouse because of the courier drop-off I just made, proceeded to give me my ticket. I asked how much it would be but he replied, "I'm not sure." Bwa? Okay, whatever. After consulting the NJ municipal website it looked as though the fine is likely to be $100 (my info wasn't in the system yet). No points at least.

But the night wasn't a total loss as I struck a bit of gold at Deleware Park casino. I don't really have a slot game of choice but I've become partial to the Deal or No Deal game. It's like any other slot, this one a 2-cent machine, which has 5 reels and "243 ways to win"--that's quite a few paylines! The big attraction is getting 3 suitcases of money on the first 3 reels which activates, as the name suggests, the DoND game. You pick a case and literally play the game with offers from the banker and everything (no Howie in sight which is surprising given the number of times he visits Atlantic City).

Anywho, I played the case game like 4 times total for the evening but the real winning came with one spin when 4 wild symbols appeared on reels 2-5. Before I knew what was happening, I had won $218! Not bad for me. Now I had close to $300 total after having brought $50. Well, I then played more than minimum in an attempt to play the case game again (upping the bet would mean greater case amounts) but, alas, that was not meant to be. Came home with $240 for a net gain yesterday of $90 after the ticket and after my initial $50. Not bad at all.

Today I'm banging away on BtS: Unseen Servant for my KQ masters. This will, as it stands now, tie-in with an upcoming BtM: Invisible Stalker for Tricky Owlbear.

Hope everyone's having a great holiday weekend. No work tomorrow and I'm off Thursday for my birthday so it'll be a nice short week.


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