Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dog Days

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, but I've been away house/pet-sitting in a nearby town. I still stop home everyday but it leaves little time for blogging (especially when there's not much to say). So I'm playing with the dog and one of his tennis balls yesterday when I accidentally hit him in the head with it. I threw the ball onto the floor but instead of waiting, the dog dashed and the ball never even made it to the floor. Since then he's been keeping his right eye shut alot. I imagine it's just sore but I hope no permanent damage has been inflicted. :( The dog's "parents" return home tomorrow and with any luck the eye will be well on its way to recovery.

I've finished looking over the C&C handbook and glossing over the Monsters & Treasure supplement and must say that I'm looking forward to writing for the system. No more skills and handfuls of rules to worry about while writing this time! Hopefully the creativity quotient will rise with this decrease in rules-worry. Time will tell. I've also begun discussion on the Super Secret Project. Just idea tossing time right now but there's plenty of time for development. I've also started on the outline for the next Highmoon Media adventure for Green Ronin's Medieval Player's Manual. My first adventure is still looking good for release in a month or so and it looks like it'll be getting more mileage than I thought. Can't say much more, but see "Highmoon's Ponderings" in my Links column for more.


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Lets hope the dog's parents don't read your blog.

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