Saturday, October 08, 2005

"Librarian Kid"

Where I work, there's a curse. Mention someone's name and invariably they arrive at the store within 48 hours. One of my bosses mentioned off hand, "Gee, I haven't seen librarian kid the whole school year yet." Let me explain. Librarian kid is a very young Chinese boy that comes in for candy once in a while. His nickname comes from the glasses he wears which have a cord attached to them, allowing for the classic librarian position of glasses dangling about the chest.

So, doesn't this kid come in an hour or two after he was mentioned. Until that night (Wednesday), I'd had no problems with him. This time, he had questions out the ying-yang. Why is the fountain closed? Do you still have ice cream? What can I buy for 25 cents? How much are the pretzels? How much is this/that? And on and on and on it went until he bought 10 pretzels. Well, there was one with a shaved side so he couldn't buy that one as it was "broken." Argh!!!! Next he leaves but by the time I shake off the dirt mop out the back door, my boss is giggling hysterically. "He's back," she whispers.

Now, we were getting ready to close so I was in no mood for 20 questions again. This time he had a quarter to spend and it started all over again--"What can I get for 25 cents?" 'How about a swift kick in the ass?' I thought. This time he eyes up the candy cigarettes--How much are they? How many are in a box? I don't want to buy any broken ones. Argh!!!! (again) So he buys a box of candy cigs and states he's going to eat at the fountain. OK, fine, at least I can continue to clean up. When it's finally time to leave, I'm turning out the light up front and say, "It's time to go." he repies, "Now?" 'Yes now you little bastard,' I thought. He leaves, hangs around on our porch for a minute before finally departing. Very strange and I have my boss to blame for mentioning him. Next week I'll have to mention her stalker to get even, but that's another story.

As for rpg news, it looks like I might be penning a Castles & Crusades adventure for an agreement which hasn't been announced yet. I can only tell you that it bodes well for C&C customers who would like more support for their game. Guess I'd better sit down this week and have a look at the C&C core books. ;)

Now it's time to throw together a last minute adventure for the planar campaign for tomorrow. Have a great weekend all.


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