Sunday, October 23, 2005

New pdf

Just released yesterday is my short adventure from Ronin Arts called "The 11th Hour". I can't say much about the adventure because it has a special twist. I will say that it's for any number of first level characters and that no one will consider a tavern as just another place to lounge and pick up work. :) Follow the link over there on the right for more info.

In other news, my monitor is on the blink. I was researching a long document online about medieval Chester in England when I noticed the screen getting darker over time. Wondering if it was just my eyes, I looked away for a few seconds. But when I turned back, it was the same. Now, my colors and brightness are fading and the text I'm typing is streaking its way across the screen. Blech. I have to say that this old Compaq monitor has served its purpose over the last whatever number of years. My new monitor is on its way--Dell 19" flat screen. Let's hope this monitor holds out until the new one arrives on Tuesday.


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