Saturday, October 01, 2005

Let's Get to It

Vacation is almost over. Friday turned out to be a repeat of Wednesday, except with more dollars spent. A nifty new shop called Six Feet Under Games has hidden from me for a year across the street from the Rockvale Outlets I visit every few months or so (boy, was that a run-on sentence!). I was pleasantly surprised to find not only the new d20 stuff but a bunch of older products I would have shoveled onto Ebay--Temple of Elemental Evil, S1-4 (can't recall the name), old 1e hardcovers (including a reasonably priced Manual of the Planes), original D1, D2, G1, G2, G3, etc. A very nice find. My admittedly hasty estimation of the prices for this older stuff is likely what I'd spend to get them off of Ebay (except here I can forgo the whole bidding and shipping cost crap). I picked up a booster box of D&D minis, a couple older Dragon mags, and Mongoose's new Tome of Drow Lore.

But let's get to the title of this entry. After a week of zero design work, I'm ready to jump back into the freelance world and shake things up. Sometimes during down time I consider retiring from this whole writing thing. But I just can't; creation is in my blood. Maybe people like my stuff, maybe they don't. As long as one person enjoys what I write, then I'm happy. Up first is that adventure outline for the next Medieval Player's Manual*, followed by another clean-up project for Dark Quest, and then onto whatever Fate/Destiny hands me.

*The first adventure for this, by the way, is due out in Nov/Dec so keep your eyes peeled for its release.


Blogger Rabid Gerbil said...

Well, I guess you'll be happy a bit longer. You know I am a fan of your stuff. :)

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