Sunday, December 04, 2005

Free Sunday

As much as I like participating in some RPG or other on Sundays, it's nice to have a day totally free--no work, no nothing--once in a while. It's true that I'll likely gather together my thoughts on Behind the Spells: Dancing Lights (yeah, a bit different than what I thought I'd be doing) but it's not something that has to be done today. Here in eastern PA, we received an inch or two or wet snow. Coffee is brewing, the 80s are flowing from my iTunes and life is good.

It's these days inside, with unsavory elements outside, that I feel like curling up with one of the many many books (RPG and otherwise) I've never touched. Why is it that I'm always new stuff when I've got half a library that is untouched? Must be an 80s mentality. And speaking of the 80s, how about the new ATARI Flashback 2.0:

I tell you, if I don't get this for Christmas, then I'll be buying it myself soon after! Let the old times roll!

Also, I've removed my Most Recent Work link on the side here and simply dropped in a Behind the Spells link to magic missile. From there, I'm sure folk can navigate themselves to the other releases in the series. As non-BtS releases appear, I'll mention them and provide links in the main log entries. But for the moment, BtS is getting my primary focus. Thanks to everyone for your support!


Anonymous Mark Gedak said...

Yep, Atari Flashback is on my list as well. Just waiting for my wife to pick it up.

Or I'll get it myself shortly after.

11:37 AM  

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