Monday, January 09, 2006


Another double post. I'll use this opportunity to say that the beginning of the year sucks if you're in the medical industry. Corporations use the yearly reset of business to grab a cheaper/"better" insurance plan for employees. No one gets their new cards on time and benefits coordinators tell the patients to bring their paperwork into us (the pharmacy). Wrong! Unless you have a card in your hand, it's highly unusual to have functioning coverage. Work sucked last week but this week is turning out better. It's enough to make you, as one of my bosses has said, "Go up into the mountains and raise pigs."


Blogger Brad said...

Pigs probably need health insurance too, and I bet it's hard to get them to fill out an Evidence of Insurability form.

On a related note, I spent about 30 hellish minutes waiting at our local RiteAid to get a prescription that was supposed to be filled three hours earlier.

I've started going to the pharmacy at Target now. The people are friendly, efficient and I'm less likely to get shot in a robbery attempt there.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

Wish you close enough to my pharmacy, Brad. We'd have you in and out inside of 5 minutes. And you'd be able to help us with insurance questions! ;)

10:48 AM  

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