Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jury Duty

I received a summons around Christmas for possible Jury Duty tomorrow. I capitalize it because it's Scary! :) Never been through it; don't particularly want to. Yeah, yeah, it's my privilege as a citizen. Well, if it's a privilege, why is it called "duty?" In a stroke of good luck, one of many it seems this week, no jurors are to report Wednesday. I'm saved!

Now I can really focus on BtS: Cone of Cold. I'd like to come up with a backstory which doesn't involve arctic tundras. After all, this spell summons damaging cold, not damaging snow and ice which I believe is often mentally associated with it. With any luck, I can finish it tomorrow night. For tonight, we're gaming! A weeknight game is a rarity, to be sure, not known since my high school days I'd wager. My cleric of Chauntea is ready to do battle against evil!


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