Saturday, January 07, 2006

Weekend Roundup

Got some hiking in today and now I'm planning to work on more Freeport material. It's amazing how refreshed your mind gets after being out in the woods. And then you come home and look at this bloody computer screen. Computers just suck you in and your eyes glaze over after awhile. I can only work so long on the computer before taking a break; which I suppose is healthy anyway. I'd much prefer to go back to writing all my material out longhand before going to the computer for the typing/revision phase. But with the constant output I need, that just isn't a reality anymore.

Tomorrow may find me shopping with Linda but it might also see me staying home and repeating today's activities (except for working at the drug store). It's nice to have no weekend plans.

As for the next Behind the Spells, I've decided to go with shield as it's past time to throw in a non-offensive spell.


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