Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking Forward

As 2006 begins, people are making resolutions and preparing excuses for why they broke them (saves time that way, right?). I'm looking forward to a fresh new year of writing. Do I have expectations? Nah. As a hobbylancer, I don't need to schedule work months in advance or worry about payments that have (or haven't) been made to me yet. Let's see what's coming up in the not too-distance future...

Waiting for Publication:
*Temporality from Dark Quest. I haven't heard anything after choosing the cover artist but I'm sure things are moving toward a early year release.
*A Matter of Faith from Highmoon Media. This first of three or more (?) adventures for Green Ronin's Medieval Player's Manual is now in layout and cartography. I don't know if the adventure is anything too spectacular but the groundwork it lays as a campaign base have great possibilities. I'm told to expect this by Feb 1.
*Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Adventure Begins from Goodman Games. I haven't mentioned this yet because it hadn't been announced. But someone spotted an entry for it and posted a query on Goodman's forum about it. I contributed an adventure for this mega-book of low-level adventures. Hopefully it will be out before too long.

Writing in Progress:
*Invasion: Freeport for Ronin Arts/Green Ronin. After Vengeance in Freeport, I honestly thought my contribution to Freeport was at an end. And then I saw two+ adventures in development from Adamant Ent. and thought, why not do another one? GR clearly doesn't mind more adventures for the setting so why limit myself to one? So, after posing another idea to Phil and getting GR approval, here I am again. It's very exciting to write, in a roundabout way, for one of the best d20 print companies still around.
*Beware the Minotaur for Highmoon. This is the sequel to A Matter of Faith. I have an outline that makes me happy and am looking forward to getting to this after the Freeport module above.
*Behind the Spells for Ronin Arts. Oh, yes. I'll be penning these until 2007 if customer support is still there. The reception of this weekly series has really impressed me so far. In fact, Magic Missile made the top 2005 sellers list and it only came out in November! See here for the complete list:

Somehow, in 2005, I really slid into working for pdf companies. I didn't think it would happen but am sure happy it did. With print d20 drying up except for a precious few companies, it would have proved difficult to continue in that arena. I had the opportunity to jump into Dragonmech development for Goodman Games but the setting, to be honest, just didn't interest me enough. Again, turning down work is a perk of hobbylancing. Why take a position that someone else perhaps would enjoy far more than I just to stay in the print limelight?

Looking forward in 2006, I'll work on whatever interests me and happens to fit into my schedule. I'd like to do more for Adamant Ent., DQG, and Inner Circle Games. And, naturally, if a print opportunity comes along again I'll jump on that as well. All of this and running several campaigns for my home group should keep me busy enough.


Anonymous Mark said...

There. I've subscribed to the next 13 Behind the Spells.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

Maxolt and I thank you, Mark!

1:46 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Sounds like it's going to be a good year. I need to catch up on my Behind the Spells and also do the subscription thing. It'll be alot easier to do it that way than to buy them separately.

Can't wait to see more Freeport stuff. There's no such thing as too much Pirate.

3:51 PM  

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