Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busy Days

I'm in between church services as I type this. I'm helping to ring handbells with my one boss and his wife for our music sunday service. It's not at all difficult unless you factor in going to both of our morning services. Yuck. Compound that with a module this afternoon (NeMoren's Vault completion) and then taking my brother back to the train station an hour away after that and you have a fairily busy day. Tomorrow is the normal 9 to 5 but then I'm immediately driving to King of Prussia with Linda for a night out. I'm sure I won't be home until after 11pm but it should be a fun time. And to finish off the trilogy of days, my day off has now become baby-sitting day. It's just for 3 hours but it's at the spot during the day when I usually hike. Perhaps I'll just have to get out in the morning. After all of this I'll have to jump back into the next Behind the Spells (handed in polymorph yesterday) among other writing duties. I do so detest not having any down time during any given day.


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