Friday, May 26, 2006

Long Weekend

After working the Saturday shift, I've actually got 3 days to string together of no work. It's almost unheard of! Thank the gods for not working on Monday. Sunday is already filled with gaming. What better birthday present could I ask for? :) I'll likely hike on Monday combined with a generous dose of mowing the grass. Tuesday is up in the air, just the way I like it.

At the moment I'm halfway through writing BtS: Silence. So why wouldn't I be fiddling with my blog? Hoping to finish this issue tonight so I can concentrate on module writing tomorrow. I could probably wing the rest of the adventure Sunday but 3rd edition has left my "winging" skills a bit rusty. Weaving a story isn't the problem; it's coming up with cogent stats for those unavoidable encounters. I'd rather have stats prepared then have to page for some (or worse, just make them up). Never worried about that in 2nd edition but the current rules are so balanced oriented that I worry about killing PCs with a misplaced monster. Sometimes, though, that's just the way the claw-claw-bite crumbles.


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