Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Nearly a week with no blogging and no one mailed me a death threat yet?! Ahem. Things are proceeding apace with the next issue--BtS: Polymorph--and with my Where Madness Dwells tweaking. I also finished Vision of the Future over the weekend. Great stuff! I was slightly let down by a revelation at the end but I'd still recommend the duology to anyone. I'll be jumping into Outbound Flight before too long but am now speeding through Captain's Blood, one of the Shatner/Reeves-Stevens collaborative efforts about the resurrected Cpt. James T. Kirk. In these authors' series of books, Kirk is gallavanting around in the Next Gen time period and swapping adventures with Spock, Scotty, McCoy (now 150 years old!), Jean-Luc, Riker, Worf, et al. He had a hybrid child which he's now trying to raise after his wife's death (herself one of a group of genetically engineered Romulan/Klingon beings). All of these books move at a good clip and I enjoy the interactions between old and new generations of heroes.

I picked up this title along with the Eberron short story collection just released and the "elves" collection of shorts for FR from Waldenbooks' "buy two get the 3rd for 50% off" deal. It feels so good to sit and read again! Have I mentioned that lately?

Later this month our roleplaying group is losing a player to military deployment to Iraq. I hope he stays safe and wants to game ten times as badly when he returns. Greg, you will be missed at the table! Now comes the hard part of explaining his PCs' absences in the numerous campaigns we have going on.


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