Thursday, May 18, 2006

TV stuff

Last night was, as it turns out, the series finale of the ABC show Invasion. This show was starting to really come into its prime so why wouldn't it be cancelled?! There's a rumor it will be picked up by the new CW network but I doubt it. On a more upbeat note, the Lost finale next week looks great! After this and the 24 finale, there'll be a bit of TV downtime until the pair of Stargate shows returns in July.

Speaking of Stargate, I read recently that they're planning not only a feature film (based on Sg-1) but a 3rd series to run concurrently with the other two shows! Now, I really do love these shows but is too much of a good thing going to wear it too thin? I'm not worried about enjoying all of these as I am about quality control. Stretching good writers, producers, etc. too thin may not be a good idea for the integrity of the franchise. That's like a good DM running 3 campaigns at the same time!


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