Monday, May 15, 2006

Rained Out

Our trip to Jim Thorpe was fun but very brief as the thundering rains of this weekend boomed in on the town. We had bopped into one place just to see it and ask where Linda's niece's shop was. Then we hightailed it over to there where we stayed for at least half an hour. The shop is Country Cottages--in case anyone's wondering--and has a fair assortment of country-ish knick knacks you might expect at reasonable prices. While there, the rains poured, which is why we stayed so long. We hurried into another store down the street for shelter and then gave up and returned, soaked, to the car.

After that, we wandered our way south into Lehighton and then Palmerton. Hunger was on both our minds so we stopped on a whim at a place called the Palmerton Hotel. I'd give our stop an average rating. The waitress was obviously new and eager-to-please; not a bad thing mind you but the perky little girl did spill some veggies at another table. Whoops! The food was also just OK, nothing to write home about. There was an ice cream place a few doors up so I had to grab dessert--chocolate ice cream on a sugar cone. Then we took a little road tour to see Linda's old stomping grounds at a small town called Germansville (or was it Germanstown?).

Mother's Day was an odd one. My mom liked her gift of candles on a country-style wooden holder (no, not from Jim Thorpe but from a great store called Martin's Fabric Barn over in Myerstown). My dad made a big breakfast and I made some good headway on the next BtS (which I've decided to call "The Prismatic Trio"). But then the afternoon was just bleah. I had no ambition. Finished Captain's Blood last night. My opinion? I could have skipped it. But it does apparently set up a trilogy so I guess it was worth it. Oh, and I did get to spend time with my sister and nephews in the evening so that was good. All in all, not a bad weekend.


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