Monday, May 29, 2006

Temporality Review #2

Here's a nice present for the holiday/birthday weekend: So far, so good on reviews.

Yesterday was fun. The module went off pretty well despite my utter lack of prep (which means not everything was detailed to my satisfaction before game time). We had two deaths--Wintermage and Zoryn (my old NPC played by Zlaty and Brad's kobold PC mentioned in previous blog entries). They died fighting a phaerimm, a charmed assassin, and the ancient defenses of a Bhaalist crypt in a desperate gambit to stop the resurrection process of that not-quite-dead Lord of Murder in the Realms. They now have the Crystal of Shadowed Deeds which houses some of Bhaal's life essence. It will be interesting to see what's done with it.

Birthday presents were good: two gift cards and $50 cash. Linda has something for me tomorrow so not everything is accounted for yet. Today is shaping up to be a humid one already with tomorrow not looking any better. I had planned to hike and mow the grass today but....we'll see. It might be better than puttering around in my room (which is the attic so it gets pretty toasty in the summer).


Blogger Brad said...

Great to see the reviews coming in for Temporality!

Good game on Sunday too. I can't make a habit of getting martyred or I'll end up back at first level again. ;)

9:53 PM  

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