Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Post-Weekend Ramblings + BtS Silence

Can I just say that summer sucks? And we're not even within those dreaded months yet! Over the extended weekend I put in my air conditioner and things are a little more palatable up here in the attic. The day before, Monday night, I decided to take all of the books belonging to my parents and deceased grandfather off my shelves. I needed room for my books desperately and, well, this is my room after all. After about 4 stinkin' hot hours I finished the task of removal, dusting, and relocation of all books involved. A ton of work for a day off but the end result looks great. I now can actually see the several ceramic pieces of Celtic art I purchase yearly from Bethlehem's autumn Celticfest.

After that evening, I decided to treat myself to a little shopping on Tuesday. Went to the Palmyra store but got there a little too early. Wasted some time at the local pharmacy, interested in another privately owned establishment like my own employer. The store was larger than ours, including such delights as Yankee Candles and Lang products. I bought a couple notepads for my grandmother and me before strolling to the pizza place across the street for lunch. I had a prime spot to watch for the game store owner's imminent arrival. After they opened, I bought a couple older Dragon mags for my collection and two boxes of D&D minis.

I wrestled with thoughts of going home after that but decided to press south to the Park City mall outside Lebanon. They have a CD Warehouse where I scored a cheap trio of cds (Dune soundtrack baby!) and at long last the widescreen Indiana Jones box set. What took me so long? Dunno but this geek's glad they're finally in his collection (a steal at $27.99). After this I headed east on Rt. 30 to get to another game store called Six Feet Under Games. Well, their name was still on the marquee but the inside of the store was empty.

Since I first got wind of this place on the internet, I decided to call my web-guru brother to aid my quest. Sure enough, he found that they had updated their info to include the recent move. Turns out the store is now in New Holland, perhaps a 10 mile or so drive from the old location. Found it and scored another old Dragon mag, Skarda's Mirror (D&D module X12) in shrinkwrap, and the new Dragonlance product Tasslehoff's Map Pouch. After that I wandered home and mowed the lawn. A pretty good end to the long weekend.

Here's a dog update: Veronica continued to be dizzy until today. Her eyes have finally stopped their continuous back-and-forth movement and she seems to have most of her equilibrium back. Thank god.

On the RPG front, Behind the Spells: Silence was released today. Grab your copy here: Sales have slumped once more for the series so I suppose it's a good thing that it's winding down to a conclusion. I hope people are just stalling until the print version comes out. Of course, fantasy just isn't what it used to be with the dwindling d20 marketplace. I'd like to write something for Gareth's company Adamant Ent. but, naturally, it would be fantasy. It's a shame the Dragonstar property isn't alive to write for. I had tremendous fun with those adventures. I'd be content, though, to write something for Castles & Crusades if I could find an opening to do so. There was talk of it with Phil but he has his hands so full that I think I've slipped through the cracks. You may recall some Reality Deviant rumblings from me but that, too, seems to have fallen by the wayside. I was gearing up to do a pdf of feats but, after seeing that the first collection included like 70+, I'm not sorry to have missed that boat. Maybe I'm just fed up with new crunch but that's a lot of feats!


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