Tuesday, August 23, 2005


So I'm at work yesterday when a customer with a large handbag says, "I brought my kangaroo to show you." "Oooo-K," I replied. "You don't believe me do you?" she asked. Of course I said, "No."

Well, she reached into the bag and out came a wallabee! About the size of a cocker spaniel, this kangaroo relative was soooo cute. Seems the woman works at the Philadelphia Zoo and they have to raise these things after birth or they are usually killed (something about them being especially fragile). The wallabee was gray-black in color with very soft fur and curly nails. The customer even let the beast hop around the shop a bit since no one else was there. A very cool experience! Who needs to spend money at the zoo when I can earn money while seeing animals at work? ;)

Still hard at work on the Alchemy project. Just a few NPCs yet and I'm home free to start my Realms campaign finale happening Saturday night. Wish I could type more about it here but my players are everywhere...


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