Saturday, August 13, 2005

Recharging Your Battery

Maybe you call it writer's block, but the idea is the same. Sometimes you just don't feel like writing. A fellow freelancer (thanks, Chad!) inspired today's blog about what you do when you're just feeling lazy. Here's a few tips I've either used on their own or in combinations...

* Go for a Walk: I live in sight of the Appalachian Trail and would be a fool not to use it. I try to hike at least once a week, getting in 3 miles around town if I cannot have 5-6 in the mountain. Either way, getting fresh air into the 'ol brainpan is a great creativity recharger.

* Music!: One of my favorite recharging methods is to settle into some music. I'll pop in a favorite 80s album and whip out the lyric sheets from inside the case and follow along. Actually reading the words with the music often inspires ideas I just wouldn't have come up with on my own. Or, if you're already hard at work, try changing the genre of music you're already listening to. Switch from pop to soundtrack scores or from classical to new age. Ideally, I would prescribe a change from lyric to non-lyric (or vice versa).

* Read, read, read: As a freelancer, you should be reading anyway; not just as a way to jumpstart your creative drive. Words are the writer's bread and butter and to exist in a literary vaccuum is not a good thing (although this is something I've been guilty of and find hard to break out from).

* Drive: In the same vein as taking a walk, you might want to take a drive somewhere. Nature is just as beautiful when you're wandering around the backroads as when you're marching through the woods. The added bonus whe driving is that you can combine with one of the above suggestions--music! Sights and sounds together are often creatively stimulating.

* Just be Lazy: If you don't have a looming deadline, why not just take the day off? Everyone has days off. 9 to 5'ers get weekends--freelancers usually work through the weekend so please take at least one day for yourself. Everyone needs rest from the routine.

That's it for now. Do you have some others? Leave a comment!


Anonymous Chad said...

Hey! I guess if I'm mentioned by name I should drop in to say hello.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Bret said...

Of course! Stop by again for more freelancy goodness. :)

3:38 PM  

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