Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Approvals and Another Review

I had two adventure ideas awaiting Green Ronin approval and I've received the green light for both. Invasion: Freeport and Beware the Minotaur are now officially on my "to do" list. The first is self-explanatory and the second is the much talked about (at least in this blog) sequel to my MPM adventure A Matter of Faith (which is in layout now with Highmoon Media). If I'm lucky, the development of these adventures won't put too big a crimp in my Behind the Spells series.

Speaking of which, BtS: Magic Missile received its second review today from frequent commenter here, K. Axel Carlsson. 4 out of 5 stars! Thanks, bud; glad you liked it. I'm happy to see that Magic Missile has hit #2 on Ronin Arts' vendor hot sellers list and Fireball has zoomed up to #7 in its first 24 hours up for sale. Does this mean I'm making any money? Lord, no, but it's still fun.


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