Friday, November 25, 2005

The Shopping Season Begins

Today is known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when people go bananas for the sales that shops dangle before them like carrots. Sometimes I like shopping on this day but most times I don't. Today after work, I decided to take my sister Katy (who can't get out all that much between working and her two children) out for the evening. After a quick pit stop for dinner we cruised the MacArthur Rd. strip in Allentown. I got a little more shopping done for Christmas (having already started weeks ago with my friend Linda). Katy had fun and got some things bought as well.

One of our stops was at Borders (a coffee/music/books place for you readers not in the US). Now, this place isn't that big but when I wanted to leave I couldn't find Katy. I meandered through the store, eventually getting looks from those I'd passed several times. Eventually I gave up and had the information desk page her. I made a conscious decision to use her maiden name and a minute later her voice behind me said lovingly, "That's not my name." Now how did I know she was going to say that? ;)


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