Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Art for Sale

In another attempt to scrounge up more "pay off my bills" funds, I've decided to part with some of my artwork. I wanted to offer the first on my blog to you dedicated readers. It is a Larry Elmore piece called "Mountain Conflict" as seen here: http://www.larryelmore.com/popups/color/co081.htm

This is a lithograph and, as you can see after clicking on the link, costs $45. Now, mine is nothing special except that Larry has autographed it and written "Good Gaming" underneath the picture. Admittedly, you could have him do this anyway when you order from the site. However, if you buy the lithograph from me, you get a presumably lower number for this limited edition piece (406/1500) and I'll only charge you $35 plus the cost of shipping.

I've also got a trio of other lithographs by Elmore which are no longer available in that format and are extremely low numbers in the limited edition scheme. These are "Deadlock" (6/2000), "Crystal Shard" (3/2000), and "Death of Sturm" (2/2000). However, all are not only signed like the one above but include my name--"Good Gaming, Bret" in ink below the pics. Would anyone still want these knowing this? I guess one could just frame over that bit but then you lose the name of the piece as well. So just why am I selling these, you ask? Well, I ordered these four prints back in '03 from Larry's site. When they arrived, all was as expected. However, not long after this, a second batch of the same prints arrived at my door. Huh? Being the honest person I am, I emailed Elmore's site to tell them about the mix up and prepared to return the second set (which also included the same personalizations as the first). This was the response from Andrea West via email on 4/21/03...

"Bret, this was our mistake, we realized it this morning, so they are yours. TSR owns the right to those prints, and we were recently informed that we could only sell them if they were sold as a limited edition, so we actually just started numbering them...lucky for you as you got some of the first numbers. :)"

Sure enough, the first batch of prints had no such numbering, which I hadn't even noticed. So, I decided to frame those "illegal" ones for posterity. Since I don't really need these others, I'm selling them (if anyone wants them that is). I'm not sure whether I'll go Ebay yet or not. I'll keep you informed and, in the meantime, consider picking up the first piece I'm offering above. Email me if you have any questions or would like to purchase this great work (dmbretb [at] comcast [dot] net).


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