Sunday, July 16, 2006

Extreme Heat = Writing

For today and the next few days, we here in PA (and elsewhere I'm sure) are suffering with 90+ degree weather. Yeah, people have it worse elsewhere but I can still bitch on my blog about it. :) So instead of going hiking and risking heat exhaustion, I'm working inside. My first round of Ebay auctions went better than expected and here's hoping the next round does as well. As I type this I'm finishing up BtS: Sleep, quite happy with the result (considering I did not have a backstory 48 hours ago).

Also on the docket today is the creation of art requests for a long-ago finished project called Hoards. Originally started under the auspices of Enkwell Press (a company which never got out of the gate), this d20 treasure resource brings you many new items of wonder. Here's the official blurb I wrote when this book had a slight chance of being published through Green Ronin...

""Players and Game Masters alike, take heart! Here, at last, is the supplement you've been waiting for! Hoards provides the d20 community with all-new, fully fleshed-out treasures from every category--coins, gems, art objects, mundane, and, of course, magic items. This useful tome comes ready to work alongside your DMG when treasure is rolled for randomly. Hoards doesn't replace that favorite treasure book, it expands on it. Each of these fantastic new items also comes complete with the appropriate skill or Bardic Knowledge check a character needs to roll to know its unique background. No more grasping for that elusive DC, it's all right here! Add to this sample hoards of every Encounter Level, themed hoards for oft-encountered situations and environments, the riotous Appearance Anomalies table, and the Antique Item Generator, and you've got one handy book which belongs on any d20 enthusiast's shelf. Allow the hoards of Hoards to jumpstart your imagination today!"

Hoards is now under the care of Dark Quest Games after I brought it to them following the implosion of Enkwell. I spent a great deal of time on this book and really believe people will enjoy it. Acting as editor, developer, and author, I did not want to see the project evaporate. Neal said he's got a hole in the schedule and wants to push Hoards to the front. I'll be working up those art requests this evening so here's hoping this book finally makes it to market!

Lastly, another brief review of Vengeance in Freeport has appeared. At least it is again favorable:


Blogger Rabid Gerbil said...

Hey, that sounds like a great product. Could get a lot of great use out of that one.


8:48 PM  
Blogger Bret said...

I thought so too. ;) How've you been, Warren?

8:55 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

I remember you talking about "Hoards", but I didn't realize it never got published (until now).

The review for "Freeport" looked good, albeit uh, concise.

The heat has been awful. I've spent my time reading "Perdido Street Station" and reviewing "Red Hand of Doom". Can't wait to get started on that one!

12:43 AM  
Blogger Rabid Gerbil said...

Pretty Good Bret. Really busy with life and such. I commented in one of the previous posts, so I figured I would pop in again. It was the one about your Delaware trip. Dover is only about 40 minutes from where I live in Laurel, DE. You were in my "neck of the woods" so to Wish I had known you were popping into the old First State that day. I would have popped up and said howdy since I was off from work for once. Hoards does sound cool though.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Bret said...

I hear ya on the review, Brad, definitely concise. Sorry I never called you back the other night (saw you called me).

Warren--yeah, I saw your comment. If I venture back to DE, I'll post the plans here. ;)

12:39 AM  

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