Friday, July 14, 2006

Twilight Falling

I finished this book by Paul Kemp the other night and must say I enjoyed my first exposure to the man's work. The other two books in the Cale trilogy are on the shelf but I think I'll space them out between other books (much like I would have to if reading book as they were published). Perhaps next I'll jump into Outbound Flight by Zahn or some of the Coming of Conan the Cimmerian I just picked up this week. Either way, I look forward to seeing what happens to poor Erevis Cale when next we meet. I was happy to have identified the slaadi before they were named (and without reaching for the Monster Manual) and was surprised by the book's cliffhanger ending (which doesn't happen normally in FR books). My only complaint is that Cale still doesn't feel fully fleshed out. This may be because it's not the first story to feature him. In any event, it was still a good yarn that clipped along well with some above average writing.

In drug store news, here's a quote of the day I wanted to post from Wednesday: "Come here, I have to smell you!" This was spoken with heartfelt longing by a younger woman to one of our middle-aged female customers when the latter entered the store. What?! I thought while walking into the back. Sometimes the workplace is stranger than the fiction I read.


Blogger Brad said...

Glad you liked the first Cale book. Cale, Jak and Riven all go through some serious stuff in the books to come. I read them all in a row, so I can't quite remember which book certain events take place in.

The Slaad are great. I think that's the first time in any WotC fiction that I've seen them used in any meaningful way. Those are some bad ass frogs.

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