Sunday, July 30, 2006

Props for David Hamilton

All of the interior artwork for Temporality was done by artist David Hamilton. I happened to find myself perusing his website the other day and saw several of those pieces now on display there. One in particular caught my eye (as it had the first time upon seeing it): There's just something about this piece--a wizard feverishly trying to work out the specifics of a time travel jaunt (or at least that't what I think of). The piece so engaged me that I decided to ask if I could purchase the original from David. What better keepsake for my book than to have an original art piece signed and dated by the artist? To my surprise and pleasure, David agreed. He commented that he usually doesn't let originals go but, since I was the author, how could he refuse? David is very nice and my blog-readers should know that he also does art on commission for anyone who asks. Check out his site here and tell him I sent you!


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