Friday, July 07, 2006

Well Met!

Yesterday I saw a thread over on looking for gaming-related blogs. 24 hours later I get some comments from new people who followed my link here. This is a post to say "Hi!" to everyone visiting for the first time. If you have a few spare minutes, feel free to dig around the archives here. I've almost been blogging for a year so there isn't overly much compared to other industry blogs. Sometimes I'll blab about my writings and other time my life at the local drug store where I toil. With luck, half of the time I'm interesting and the other half amusing. You be the judge.

With the new flow of traffic, I decided to link to two of the newcomers' own blogs. The first is noted author Paul Kemp, of Realms fame. The other is fellow freelancer Michael Ferguson (see the Emerald Lich link) who I see lives dangerously close to me in Phillipsburg, NJ. He has penned, among other things, the Complete Guide to Liches (to which I added some content for that book's 3.5 revision) as well as being contributor to Goodman's The Adventure Begins. And speaking of that newest Dungeon Crawl Classic, it is now available for sale at your favorite web and brick and mortar stores. I wrote an adventure called "By Invitation Only" which my home group playtested around the beginning of the year. Here's a link to the book ( ) and the blurb from my adventure...

"The heroes are invited to a remote mountain dwelling where a dying adventurer wants them to take his treasure. But to gain the treasure, the heroes must first beat his dungeon and thereby prove their worthiness."

Here's another sound byte, this one from work today: "I'm not an idiot." This spoken by pharmacist Loralee to about the 5th or 6th person in a chain of transferred insurance people on the phone. She was attempting to discover why a promised prior authorization for a prescription was not being filled by the company (Express Scripts if you're interested). This particular man was being rude and Loralee gives as good as she gets. She demanded to know his name (which he gave as "Max") and to speak with his supervisor. Instead, he shunted her back to the main phone menu. After a half hour or so, she called EXP back to lodge a formal complaint. The woman she reached said it would be looked into. Ah, another fun day at the store.


Blogger Mike said...

Heh ... cool! Didn't realize you lived so close by. Let me know if a chair ever opens up at your gaming table - I'm always up for slaughtering kobolds with some new friendly faces. (And I can frequently be found at the Encounter in Allentown, a gaming/comics store that recently started carrying DCC modules.)

BTW, I thought the revisions/additions you made to "Liches" were terrific. The book was the first rpg supplement I'd ever written cover-to-cover, and while I was pretty happy with the final result, I knew I'd missed some areas that could've made it much, much better. Your work on the revised edition covered a lot of those areas, so - kudos! : )


8:01 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

Hiya, Mike. I've alo visited the Encounter, mostly to see if they have any older D&D items for my collection. And you're more than welcome to drop by our gaming table if you don't mind the drive. My place is extremely easy to get to from I-78 (which is a meeting spot to carpool to the "game barn" another 10 minutes west of Hamburg). One of my players had to leave for Iraq recently and I'm sure my group wouldn't mind a guest player. If you're truly interested, feel free to email me:

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