Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Not terribly long ago, a roleplayer named Christian Walker produced a print zine called Scrollworks. This pamphlet was a handful of pages and cost little to subscribe but was always an entertaining read and a welcome sight in my mailbox. Unfortunately, Scrollworks did not survive. But Christian was recently at it again (not able to shake that writing bug, eh CW?) and is producing another zine called Iridia; link here:

Iridia can be received in the mail by only asking, although I did originally donate $20 or so to the cost. Also, you can download neat little podcasts about each issue or even download a pdf of the zine one week after it's been mailed out to subscribers. In the most recent issue (July 25), I was mentioned both in name (for commenting that I enjoy the podcasts) and product (BtS: Dancing Lights will receive a review in the next issue). Christian is a good man and you could do worse than spend a few minutes seeing what he's up to.

In a follow-up to my art post, I believe I'll be able to sell all four of the prints to one person (thanks, Warren!). It's gratifying to know that these will be going to a good home (a new home at that...probably needs decoration!).


Blogger Rabid Gerbil said...

You got that right Bret. I have lots of blank walls that are just begging for some nice artwork.

Now, I just have to change my name to Bret so the autographs make

11:01 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Glad to see the artwork found a nice home. If I had more walls that weren't crumbling (don't ask) I would have bought them from you.

I still haven't framed that numbered Eberron print.

I'll definitely have to check out that podcast. That sounds very cool.

7:46 PM  

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