Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Delaware Day Trips

On Sunday, Linda and I took a trip to Dover Downs just to have a change of scenery for the 'ol slot machine trip. It was alright but nothing we have to rush back to. For the amount of time it takes to get there (2 hours from Birdsboro), we might as well just go to Atlantic City. However, we did enjoy some tax-free shopping at places like Big Lots!, Borders (where I picked up my first fiction involving that most famous of barbarians Conan), and Staples. Since I spent more money than I should have that day, I was going to spend my day off today at home/hiking. But after seeing a thread about game stores in the Philly area on ENWorld, I planned an impromptu trip today to a store called "Days of Knights" as seen here: http://www.daysofknights.com/

Oddly enough, I'll find myself back in Delaware. I suppose this will be another 2 hour one-way trip but that's no big deal. Driving gives me more time to brainstorm adventures and rpg writing. I might just drop by the Christiana Mall while I'm close since we missed seeing it on Sunday. With nothing that sorely needs my attention (except maybe my bank account), it'll be nice to have yet another day trip where I don't really have to return at a special time. Wish me luck finding some rpg bargains.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap dude....You are right around the corner from me. Dover is only about 40 minutes from where I live in Laurel, Delaware. Tax free shopping is nice. The Christiana mall isnt too bad a place to go. Some good shopping there. The Waldenbooks in the Dover Mall used to have a decent RPG section, but I havent been in there in a while, so I dunno how it is now. There is a really good BBQ place, if you like that sort of thing, in Dover called "Where Pigs Fly." It won an award from Southern Living Magazine.

Wow...Days of Knights. Man, I havent been to that place in years. I remember trading some Magic cards "back in the day" there. Small world...lol.

Great to hear you are jumping back in the game. I remember that character. Wasnt he in one of the Locales I edited?

If you need anything, just drop me a line.


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